Chamber of Graduated Surveyors


Structure of the Chamber of Geodesy Engineers

The Chamber of Graduated Surveyors fulfils its duties by National executive body and Region College.

Executive bodies for national level are: The General Meeting, The Managing Committee, The Control Committee and The Committee of Professional Ethics.
The main functions of the Managing Committee are connected with implementing and accomplishing the duties of the Chamber according to the accepted statute and the decision of the General Meeting.

The Control Committee observes the lawfulness of the decisions of the Managing Committee.

The essential task in front of the Committee of Professional Ethics is focused on strict abiding by The Code of Professional Ethics and considering complaints of members of The Chamber or concerned individual - clients (investors), government employee and individual citizen. Every proved indecently behaviour by a member of the Chamber is to be sanction by the Committee of Professional Ethics.

Region Colleges are elected on the General Meeting of the college and they consist of Chairman and tow or four members depending on the numbers of the colleges` members.

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